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Recent Updates

We're excited to announce an update to our community roles within SimpleMMO. The role previously known as "Adviser" has been renamed to "Guardian" to better reflect its responsibilities that have evolved over time. Originally, the Adviser role was created as a way to acknowledge those who were helpful in the community. However, it has grown into a role that helps connect the moderators with our community members.

Additionally, we're introducing a new role: the "**Veteran**" role. This role returns to our original vision for the Adviser role, serving as a mark of acknowledgment for members who enrich our community. Veterans will enjoy exclusive perks, such as access to a special Discord channel and a personalised badge. Holding the Veteran status comes without any additional responsibilities. However, should an account remain inactive for 30 days, the Veteran role will be automatically revoked. Admission into the Veteran role is by invitation only, based on our recognition of a member's positive impact on the community.

We look forward to extending invitations to potential Veterans in the near future.

The order of roles is now as follows:

- Veteran: A recognition for members who positively impact the community.
- Guardian (Previously called "Adviser"): Helps connect the community with the moderation team.
- Moderator: Ensures the game is safe and enjoyable by enforcing rules and assisting players.
- Administrator: Oversees game operations and makes key decisions for its future.

Additional Changes
- Updated username badge design.
- Stability and performance improvements.

- Fixed error when attempting to upload a custom avatar or sprite.

- Added chat level announcements for level 50,000 and level 100,000.
- Reduced waving to once every 5 minutes.
- Fixed "Chocolate Frog" avatar.
- Further backend and infrastructure changes.

- Added optimisations to some pages causing performance bottlenecks.
- Users can now wave to other users up to 3 times every 10 minutes.
- Fixed guild position on guild inspection page.
- Fixed guild winner on guild season page.

- Decreased the silver key additional cost to 1,500 gold from 2,500. It now costs 12.4m to buy 100 silver keys instead of 17.3m.
- Increased the mushroom of energy limit to 150 for plebs and 110 for free players. This has been increased from 70/60 respectively.
- Fixed mushroom limit for guild mushrooms of energy.
- Increased maximum item usage limit to 100 (from 50).
- Cheap diamonds will occasionally be listed on the market by SimpleMMO bot. All gold received from these purchases will be removed from the game. Currently, there is no predetermined schedule or quantity for these diamond listings, making constant monitoring of the diamond market ineffective.
- Bronze key additional cost lowered to 700 gold from 1,000.

In our upcoming update, we are implementing significant changes to address the excessive gold generation in the game, which currently stands at an unsustainable rate. Our goal is to ensure the long-term health and balance of the game. Although our past changes to the economy have been relatively successful in managing this issue, we recognise the need for more impactful measures to safeguard the game's long-term health. This has prompted us to take more substantial steps.

The following changes will be shortly introduced:

Market Tax
We have raised the base market tax rate to 6% from the previous 3.5%. This increase targets the high volume of low-value items traded daily and is aimed at reducing the game's gold surplus due to the sheer number of items that pass through the market per day.

Trading Tax
Raising the market tax often leads players to seek alternative methods to circumvent these additional fees. Previously, one such method was direct player-to-player trading, especially for high-value transactions, which were not taxed under the trading system. To tighten control over the game's economy and further reduce the excess gold, we are implementing the following changes:

- Added a base tax of 4% when sending gold directly. Any additional fees incurred when choosing the source and destination will also apply.
- Added a base tax of 6% when sending gold via a player-to-player trade.

Guild Distribution Tax
Mirroring the approach of the trading tax, we are implementing a tax on guild gold distributions to prevent the circumvention of trade taxes.

- Added a base 6% tax when distributing gold via the guild bank.

Quests currently represent the most efficient method for accumulating large quantities of gold in the game. Nearly 45% of the game's total gold supply originates from quests. Recognising quests as a primary source of gold influx, we are focusing our efforts on this area for significant impact. Therefore, we are introducing the following changes:

- Decreased the average quest gold reward by approximately 20% (this will vary slightly from quest to quest) after the quest “Communicate with aliens” (Level 200).
- Significantly increased the average gold accumulated from the initial quests. For example, the first quest now gives out 50 gold instead of 5.

This change aims to significantly reduce the overall gold generation in the game, while also making quests more rewarding and accessible for beginners.

Over the past few months, we've implemented substantial modifications to the core code that handles various elements of the game. While more updates are on the horizon, many of the current changes might not be immediately apparent to users, as they primarily involve architectural improvements.

That said, there are a few changes that will be made in the upcoming days/months that you should be aware of.

- Light mode will be removed. We are officially moving SimpleMMO to a dark mode only UI. This change will be slowly introduced over the coming months (with the Web App being the first). Building for two colour schemes almost doubles our workload for almost no benefit.
- The FAQs section will be deleted.
- The attack logs will only go back 7 days.
- Premium avatar area from the diamond store will be permanently removed with no plans of reimplementing it.
- Profile feeds will only go back to a maximum of 3 months (later to be reduced to 1 month).
- All messages within the "Inbox" will be removed. (These are messages that were made under the old messaging system before we migrated to a live chat).
- We no longer have plans on reviewing the submitted travel texts from years ago. This will be removed from the roadmap.

Further changes to come soon including balancing and economical changes.

Winter Holiday event is live!

The fat man has returned, and to feed his addiction to Prickly Pinecones and Snowglobes, you must exchange them for rewards.

- Increased the untradable tool limit to 40 (from 25)
- Increased the tradable tool limit to 15 (from 10)

Guild Updates
- Unless specifically mentioned in the update log for a particular device or app, we will no longer specify whether changes apply to the app or web app in the general list of updates. By default, all changes apply to all apps.
- Guild power points reduced from 3 diamonds to 2 diamonds.
- Power point reward for 30,000 steps has increased to 10 (from 7)
- Guild task requirements for defeating NPCs have been significantly reduced. (For example 15,000 -> 7,500)
- Power point reward for defeating 7,500 NPCs has been increased to 25 (from 11).
- Power point reward for defeating 500 enemies has been increased to 1 (from 0).
- Power point reward for defeating 5,000 NPCs has been increased to 13 (from 6).
- The remaining power point rewards for defeating NPCs have been doubled.
- Power point reward for all quest tasks has have been significantly increased (some tripled)
- Requirements for all guild quest tasks have been significantly reduced (e.g 10,000 -> 4,000)
- Location raid power point cost halved (from2 to 1)
- Location raid gold cost for extra locations reduced (from 1,000,000 to 300,000)
- Initial cost of a raid reduced from 2,000,000 to 1,000,000.

The Halloween event will be live one day early! It will drop within the next hour of posting this update log.

This Halloween event comes with:

2 static avatars
2 backgrounds
6 animated avatars
4 tradable tools
4 untradable tools
3 specials
3 pets
2 item sprites

You can obtain them by finding Vampire Tooths and Werewolf Pelts at the Spooky Graveyard and trading them at Mahols hut.

We’ve also made some slight adjustments to the stepping speed mechanic. We have noticed for a while now that the implementation is flawed and does not work as we originally designed it.

We originally designed it so when a stepping potion grants you +100% stepping speed, it essentially meant the player would step twice as fast thus halving their stepping speed time. For instance, if their core wait time for a step is 8 seconds and they drank a stepping potion that granted them +100% stepping speed, then the end result should've been 4 seconds.

However, the actual implementation simply removed it from the players wait time thus -100% stepping speed meant that their wait time was effectively 0.

We have not addressed this yet due to three reasons:
Stepping speed potions are still fairly underutilised (with the exception of the events) so we saw no real need of immediately addressing it.
Everyone had access to this same effect thus there was no real inherit imbalancement between players.
We are currently undergoing a huge backend overhaul and this would've been addressed when we reach the point of tackling the travel system.

However, issues started to arise since we have incorporated the “first come first serve” mechanic for the event tools. Players who have been hoarding stepping speed potions for months are able to abuse this flaw in the system to effectively reduce their stepping wait time to almost nothing thus giving them an extremely strong foothold in obtaining these items.

As a result, we are implementing the following change:

The lowest wait time between steps has been set to 3.5 seconds. This means that, regardless of a players stepping speed bonus, they cannot step faster than 3.5 seconds per step.

This is just a temporary fix. We will eventually introduce a change to the potion system that will correctly rectify the issue.

- Fixed crafting material text issue (Web App and Mobile App)

- We have made the following changes to the rewards distributed in the guild seasonal leaderboards:
- 1st position power points increased from 150 to 350.
- 1st position MoE’s increased from 1500 to 2500.
- 2nd position power points increased from 140 to 300.
- 2nd position MoE’s increased from 1200 to 2000.
- 3rd position power points increased from 130 to 250.
- 3rd position MoE’s increased from 1100 to 1700.
- 4th position power points increased from 120 to 180.
- 4th position MoE’s increased from 1000 to 1500.
- 5th position power points increased from 110 to 160.
- 5th position MoE’s increased from 900 to 1300.
- Positions 6 to 10 also receive a boost.
- Changed crafting level bar to EXP bar. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Removed “Watch ads for rewards” button on the home page. (Mobile App)
- Improvements to the battle page using dark mode. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed battle generation button that allowed you to generate a battle when it should’ve been disabled. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed HTML in NPCs descriptions. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed 261 items that couldn’t be tagged in the chat. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed “Pestilence Helmet” sprite. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed guild name on seasons home page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed guild seasons “view” button overlaying the chat. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed lottery breadcrumb trail. (Web App)
- Fixed bug that allowed guild shrooms to bypass the daily mushroom limit. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added a 10 second cooldown for celestial/exotic item dump chat announcements. (Web App and Mobile App)
- The market button can no longer be tagged in global. (Web App and Mobile App)
Avatars can no longer be tagged in the advertisement chat channel. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed bug that caused some users to be duplicated on the leaderboards. (Web App and Mobile App)

The guild gold distribution mechanic has been re-enabled. (Web App and Mobile App)
The membership page has been re-enabled. (Android App)

- Fixed party bug on the travel page that caused no gold and EXP to appear on the screen. (Web App and Mobile App)

- Preparation for the community event.
- Fixed guild season page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Minor bug fixes. (Mobile App)

- SimpleMMO rebrand. Read more here:
- Minor UI bug fixes. (Web App)

- In an effort to streamline, simplify, and clean-up the game as outlined in our blog post regarding SimpleMMO future, we are making a few changes that will remove some existing features we deem unnecessary moving forward as they prove to be more of a burden on bringing the feature up to our technical standards than providing actual value to the majority of players.
- Updated and streamlined homepage UI.
- Removed most headings from pages. They provided zero utility for the majority of players and they just waste valuable screen space.
- Removed Wishlist. Wishlist were rarely used and had a rotten foundation. We have deemed it impractical to spend a good chunk of development time bringing it up to standard when they were relatively unused by the grand majority of players.
- Removed 50/50, slots, and 3 cups. We don’t see much value in keeping these in-game.
- Lottery has been moved to “Mahols hut”
- Removed all forms of advertising. You can no longer watch advertisements for rewards. We will think of a non-monetised replacement for those who relied on these refills. All advertisements will be removed from your device in the next update so this should significantly reduce the games file size and perhaps internet data as it no longer has to download advertisements in the background.
- If you want to read more about the direction of SimpleMMO, you can read here:
- Increased raiding EXP bonus for PvE guilds from +25% to +45%.

- You can no longer pay for diamonds using PayPal on the Web App. (Web App)

- You can now pay for diamonds using PayPal on the Web App. (Web App)

- The top 3 pets from our Discord poll have been re-introduced in the event shop with upgraded stats.
- The top 3 specials from our Discord poll have been re-introduced in the event shop with upgraded stats.