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Recent Updates

- Added collection checkmarks to mobile inventory page. (Mobile App)
- Automated bounties no longer get applied to banned players or old world bosses. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Banned players no longer appear in the attackable players list and the PvP player search. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed various typos. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed "change guild icon" button. (Web App)
- Increased bulletin board cost. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed issue that caused players with apostrophes in their name to have an unresponsive travel page. (Web App and Android App)
- Fixed issue that caused players with apostrophes in their name to have an unresponsive player stats pop-up. (Android App)
- Fixed "steps remaining" stat when walking to a new location. (Web App)
- Failing a quest no longer counts towards completing it. (Web App)
- Added clarification to diamond market when purchasing with bank. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added confirmation prompt to free skill reset and safe mode removal. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added additional confirmations to the prompt when trying to delete a guild. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Legacy Pro now resets the item collection. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed energy refills in diamond reward redemption history. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed display issues with overlapping party travel gold/exp. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added status to guild war inspection page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Guild wars on hold/ended are now more obvious and faded out. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Small display fixes. (Web App and Mobile App)

- Updated bounty page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Improved bounty filtering. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Moved bounties to the town page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added a badge that shows the amount of pending bounties on the town page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added a badge that shows any unread town board posts. (Web App and Mobile App)
- 30 new bounties are created every 3 hours of inactive players (increased from 10). Only 3 of these bounties will be placed on players under level 200. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Increased support ticket character limit. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Cancelling pleb via the Web App no longer immediately cancels the membership. (Web App)

- Added "select all" button to the inventory. (Web App)
- Fixed drop down button on the inventory page. (Web App)
- Fixed sorting by level on the inventory page. (Web App)
- You can now view your diamond reward/upgrade purchase history. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed collection marker for item sprites. (Web App)
- You can now put apostrophes in item names. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed legacy leaderboards for guilds. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed guild activity when accepting a member via the settings panel. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Entering legacy lite mode will now remove you from your existing job if you are currently working. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Legacy mode players will no longer receive the starter pack notification. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed issues when viewing another players background collection. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed an issue that caused your currently equipped item to be dumped in the Item Dump. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Raid notifications now show how long the raid lasts for. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed 6 character limit on registration page. (Web App and Mobile App)

- Updated inventory layout. (Web App)
- Added multi-select to inventory. (Web App)
- Added a checkmark to an item if you have collected it or not. (Web App)

- Fixed guild task bugs. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added guild tags to the attack log. (Web App)
- Fixed "use item" pop-up. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed issue causing the iPad app to open on the web browser. (iOS App)
- Typo fixes. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed profile page for mobile devices. (Web App)
- Removed avatar resize option. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Removed rule duplication. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed the ability to change item sprite. (iOS app)
- Fixed profile drop down menu for mobile devices. (Web App)
- Fixed guild sprite change page. (iOS App)
- Minor design changes across the app. (Mobile App)

- Fixed navigation issues when attacking players via a guild member list. (Mobile App)
- Added potion filter to market. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Guild names are now clickable on the war page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed pagination issues on the war page. (Mobile App)

- Guild raids now give 10% bonus EXP when battling in the Battle Arena. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added minutes to guild raid count down. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added a list of bonuses to the notification that every member receives when raiding a location. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Co leaders can now declare war on guilds, submit/accept surrenders, and request alliances. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed "view stats" pop up on the travel page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed collapsible menu button on the Web App. (Web App)
- Added commas to your dropdown stats. (Web App)
- Dark mode fixes on the World Boss page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed "attackable players" button when inspecting a guild war. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed redirection when kicking players from your guild. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Typo fixes. (Web App)

- Fixed silver/bronze key reset. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed potions. (Web App and Mobile App)

- Players now get +20% stepping EXP and +10% stepping gold when raiding. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Raiding has been reduced to 2,500,000 gold per hour. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added request badges to the guild admin page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Overhauled the guild war list page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Button to view attackable players directly from the inspect guild page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Travel optimisations. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Dark mode fixes. (Web App and Mobile App)

- Silver keys starting price reduced to 60,000. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Bronze key starting price reduced to 25,000. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Keys now reset on daily reset. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Added attack button to guild member page. (Web App and Mobile App)
- You can now enable raids for multiple hours. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Enabling raids now costs the guild bank 5,000,000 per every raid hour. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Design polish. (Web App and Mobile App)

- You can now attack any player under level 200 if they've been offline for more than 48 hours and you are at war with them. This excludes players in safe mode. (Web App and Mobile App)
- You can now view the individual stats on a guild member. This will display how much EXP they have contributed, PvP kills, etc. These stats are updated every 24 hours. (Web App and Mobile App)
- All members in your guild are now notified when war has been declared. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed guild background behind the icon. (Web App and Mobile app)
- All members can now see a guilds power rank. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Guild page make-over. (Web App and Mobile app)

- Fixed issue that caused most party players to be inactive after 1 minute instead of 2 minutes. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed gauntlet filter in guild armoury. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed "Egg Hunter" award. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Renamed "Treasure Hunter" skill to "Treasure Hunting". (Web App and Mobile App)
- You can now view messages with people you have blocked/people who have blocked you. You are unable to send messages. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed Web App alignment issues. (Web App)
- Fixed "Settings" button on multiple guild pages. (Web App)
- Fixed breadcrumb trails on multiple pages. (Web App)
- Fixed duplicate bulletin board issue. (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed dark mode issues when purchasing pleb membership. (Web App)
- Fixed dexterity requirement for the quest "Make some crop circles and scare the locals". (Web App and Mobile App)
- Fixed item tagging priority on the discussion boards. (Web App and Android App)
- Fixed rounded number issue on the character page. (Web App)
- Fixed "Change our profile number" link redirection on the Diamond Store. (Web App and Mobile App)

- Travel optimisations.
- Enabled refreshing on the party main page.
- You can now view other parties even if you are already in a party.
- Added a cooldown to notifications you receive from players joining your party.
- Active steppers are now within ~2 minutes of stepping instead of 1 minute.
- Added a badge on the member list to show if a player is currently stepping or not.

- Stepping Parties - You can now step with other players by creating or joining a stepping party.
- A maximum of 4 players can be in a party.
- The leader can invite players from their friends list.
- The leader can make the party open so that anybody is able to join their party.
- A list of open parties or friends parties is shown on the initial party screen.
- EXP and Gold gets distributed across the entire party in real time.
- A player needs to be active (within ~1 minute of taking a step) to get a reward from another player.
- Players are faded out on the UI if they have not stepped recently (thus will also get no rewards).
- The player who has distributed a reward will do a lil jump on the UI.
- The entire travel page/UI has been re-written from the ground up.
- Minor UI adjustments such as a smaller loading bar.
- You can now view your gold and EXP on the travel page without bringing up your character pop-up.
- Your gold and EXP automatically updates as you travel. It also updates when you get rewards from other players.
- You are able to change the positioning of the travel screen elements by going to your settings. This is helpful if your screen is large and you want to move the button to the bottom of your screen.
- Elite material encounters have been decreased slightly.
- Added rule that forbids parties with "alt accounts".

- Increased elite material rates by 110% (24 Carrot Gold is included in this)
- Fixed diamond market bug that caused the "The price has changed" error to appear.
- Fixed bug that caused players with no equipped tools to only receive 1 event material.

- Turned off item dump discovery chat announcements for collectables, foods, and item sprites.

Guild Roles
- You can now assign different roles to members in your guild.
- There are 3 roles: member, officer, and co-leader.
- Co-leaders can: activate tasks, raid locations, send mass messages, accept armoury requests, accept member requests, accept alliance requests, accept surrender requests, change the guilds description, open/close the armoury, open/close the guild, remove players from the guild, and withdraw gold from the bank.
- Officers can: activate tasks and raid locations.
- Members don't have permission to do anything.
- The guilds admin panel is no more and has been replaced with a "settings" page. The options on the settings page are dependent on your role.
- You can now remove players from your guild directly from the member list.

Easter Event (Live in approximately 1 to 2 hours from this change log)
- The Easter bunny has returned! Collect eggs from The Land of Broken Eggs and exchange them for rewards and upgrades at Mahols Hut.
- You can now get event items from PvP and PvE.

Item Dump
- The item dump discovery rates have been adjusted.

Old rates:
Items with a quantity of 1 = 0.1%
Items with a quantity of 5 or less = 2.5%
Items with a quantity of 10 or less= 5%
Items with a quantity of 11+ = 92.4%

New rates:
Items with a quantity of 1 = 0.25%
Items with a quantity of 5 or less = 5%
Items with a quantity of 10 or less = 10%
Items with a quantity of 11+ = 84.75%

- Fixed item video embeds on certain items.
- Fixed profile comment positioning when replying to new comments.
- Added potion filters to the market.
- Added gauntlet filter to the market.
- Fixed iOS discussion board issues.

- Reverted v11.0 due to lack of appreciation. All that effort gone to waste. Bye bye in-game marriage.

Please note that due to the size of this update, it is being slowly rolled out to avoid any hiccups. The update may take up to 24 hours for it to appear on your device. Some of you will now have access to it immediately.

How to update:

Web App: Please wait up to 12 hours for it to update. If it hasn't updated, please try logging out and logging back in.
Android App: Go to the Play Store -> SimpleMMO -> Press "Update"
iOS App: Go to the App Store -> Search SimpleMMO -> Press "Update"
- Completely new and upgraded travelling system.
- Added completely new and improved travel texts with traversal trees.
- Added X/Y coordinates so you can travel to specific areas of the game.
- Added new locations that are only available to pleb members.
- Added NPCs with dialogues in certain locations.
- The time that it takes to walk between steps has been reduced by 15%
- Players are limited to 100 steps every 30 minutes.
- Players can refill their steps by purchasing the refill on the Diamond Store. (25 diamonds)
- Players can upgrade their maximum steps on the Diamond Store. (50 diamonds+)
- It now costs energy points to attack enemies encountered while travelling.
- You can now submit your own travel texts.

- Quests can be initiated by talking to said NPCs.
- Quests may require you to go to "X/Y" position to complete said task (as if it were an MMO)
- Quests can be hidden if they are complete
- Quest point refill cost now costs 35% more diamonds (it now costs 60 diamonds to refill the highest tier).
- Quest points now refill every 10 minutes (instead of 5 minutes).
- Removed banned players from the PvP system.
- Higher level world bosses now get much better loot.
- It now costs 35 diamonds to refill your energy points.
- You now cannot attack online players.
- You can now only kill 50 players in PVP every 24 hours.
- The above PvP limit can be upgraded in the Diamond Store.
- Reduced the gold obtained from PvP to a set 1%.
- You can now steal diamonds from other players.
- Battle arena optimisations and improvements
- Added elemental effects to all weapons, armour, and items.
- Each armour and item now has 4 varients; fire, ice, stone, nature.
- Each element has a strength and a weakness. For example, fire is strong against ice, but weak against stone.
- All enemies in the battle arena have an associated elemental effect.
- Battle Arena EXP gain has been reduced by 45%
- Battle Arena EXP gain has been capped at 500,000 EXP per kill.
- The top 3 battle arena tiers now cost 35% more gold to generate an enemy.
- The background of your battle arena is now your profile background.
- Losing in PVP now causes you to lose experience points.
- Complete profile overhaul.
- You can now view how many diamonds a player has purchased on their profile.
- You can now see how many diamonds a player currently has.
- Plebs can hide the diamonds on their profile

- Guild roles. Guilds can now assign a officer to do actions on their behalf.
- Guild EXP now resets on the 1st of every month.
- Guild EXP is now capped at 10,000 EXP per guild war.
- Power points now cost 20 diamonds each.
- Power points now decay at 1 power point per day instead of every 2 days.
- Guild allies now get notified when a allied guild has entered a war.
- You can now view your guild allies.
- Guild leaders can now send gold to everyone with the single press of a button.
- Added a new chest tier. "Diamond chests"
- Diamond chests can be opened with "Diamond Keys" and have a 50% chance at finding a celestial.
- A single diamond key can be bought for 50 diamonds.
- Added "items" category in the Diamond Store.
- You can now purchase celestial items directly in the Diamond Store
- The diamond market has been removed. All remaining diamonds have been credited on the account of the seller.
- It now costs 10 diamonds for every 24 hours when entering safe mode.
- It now costs 100 diamonds to enable perma safe mode.
- Added tasks and awards for opening diamond chests.
- You can now purchase EXP potions in the diamond store.

- You can now level up pets!
- Pets are now seperate entities rather than items and you can feed them, play with them, and battle them with other players.
- All of your pets have been reset to level 1.
- To level up your pet, you must battle other pets.
- You can purchase stronger pets in the diamond store.
- You can now track your tasks quickly on your pop up.
- Fixed NPC "use item" bug for World Bosses.
- Added android notifications for guild raids.
- Added the ability to remove votes on suggestions.
- Added a "store all" button to your inventory.
- You can now appear offline.
- Silver key price increase to 150,000 per key at a 5,000 gold increment (as opposed to 70,000/2,500 respectively).
- Item market is now limited to 1 listing per minute.
- You can now only send 20 items in one go instead of 100.
- Your inventory limit has been decreased to 1,000 from 20,000. Please ensure that you reduce your inventory numbers by the 31st April 2022.
- Orphanage now gives 85% rarity rates when travelling (instead of 75%)
- Orpahange no longer gives chests a rarity boost.
- Silver chests celestial rate has been reduced by 40%.
- Bronze chest celestial rate has been reduced by 40%.
- Silver chest exotic rate has been increased by 30%.
- Bronze chest exotic rate has been increased by 20%.
- You can now longer exchange bronze keys for silver keys.
- Added advertisements to every 20 steps.
- The time it takes to do 1 job is now 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
- Increased market tax to 20% per sale.
- Added 100 more crafting items.
- You can no longer get diamonds from obtaining awards.
- Dark mode fixes and improvements.
- Removed dark mode from iOS due to some issues.
- You can now refer other players in the game and obtain 5 diamonds.
- Game centre has been removed.
- "Anti overprice" has been enabled for every item. There is now a limit on how much you can set the price for an item.
- You can now marry other players.
- Removed banker job.
- You now cannot list items on the market lower than the quick sell amount.
- You can now have negative interaction with players.
- If your interaction level is low enough, you can slap other players.
- Removed collection chests.

- Introduction of the "Gauntlet" item type. More than 1,000 gauntlets are now available.
- We will no longer do huge content updates. New content will be slowly added across multiple updates.